Company Bio

Brklyn Empire Clothing Company was established in 2012 as a Brooklyn, NY t-shirt line and is gradually developing into sought out streetwear brand. Our motto is to create unique urban gear and t-shirt designs for the confident and fearless individuals that take pride in showing off their unique style of fashion. Our signature “FOREVER BROOKLYN” design took on a life of itself from everyone that lived in Brooklyn or moved out of Brooklyn and still wants to rep their hometown. Brooklyn is just not a city it’s a blood type.

Brklyn Empire Clothing Company breeds our design inspirations from the streets that we dwell in and the various cultures that we are surrounded by from hip-hop, underground hip-hop, battle rap, r&b, art, graffiti, skateboarding, and etc. Our goal is to be a global lifestyle brand that’s from the streets for the streets.

Brklyn Empire Clothing Company will stay true to constantly work on increasing our brand status to the confident and fearless conscious style men, women, and kids that influence us to create for them.

Thanks for taking this journey with us.